Our People

From architecture and design, materials to subcontractors, Wietsma Lippolis has the people in place to get the work done, and get it done well.

William Wietsma

Architect/Chief Executive Officer

Known for his meticulous attention to detail and ability to create solutions for even the most challenging problems, William Wietsma has earned a reputation for being one of the industry’s premier architects. Not only does William possess those unique skillsets, but he also builds strong relationships with his clients, as this better enables him to determine the type of houses they truly need, from both design and functionality aspects.

William is also a licensed general contractor, which allows him to envision the entire project, even during the earliest design stages. This undoubtedly provides valuable efficiencies for other team members who are involved later and throughout the process. Each of William’s designs showcase unique features that exemplify customization and present opportunities for magnificent craftsmanship.

As the company’s CEO and one of its namesakes, William’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every design he produces.

Raised in South Florida, William studied architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where he worked alongside many of the industry’s top architects before starting his own business.

William Lippolis

Chief Operating Officer

You could say that construction is in William Lippolis’ blood. In fact, both his father and grandfather were custom-home builders, and William remembers watching and working alongside both from a very young age. William knew all along that he, too, would pursue a career in the industry and still feels a personal connection to the generations who came before him and paved the way.

Now, as the COO of an architectural, construction and design firm that bears his name, William he utilizes the lessons learned along the way to provide clients with spectacular homes and exceptional experiences — from conception to completion.

With vast expertise in all phases of construction including research, planning, engineering, technology, architecture and building, William has a natural and genuine understanding of what is required to truly deliver a client’s dream home.

He is also responsible for providing final approval on all projects, ensuring that all client expectations are exceeded and the Wietsma Lippolis signature standard is met.

William earned a degree in construction management from Florida International University.

Rick Capps

Director For
Ocean Reef

Rick Capps has more than 40 years of experience in the client services sector. Prior to joining Wietsma Lippolis, where he oversees the company’s Ocean Reef Club projects and properties, Rick was a prominent advertising executive in his native Chicago.

Success in the advertising industry required an ability to possess both a big-picture vision as well as a laser-sharp focus on even the most minor details; and those are traits he has carried with him to Wietsma Lippolis, as they are as equally vital when designing and developing showcase homes.

Rick is responsible for managing all of the company’s pre-construction services including estimating and scheduling, budget preparation, document distribution to potential subcontract bidders, employee onboarding and training programs, and development and oversight of general-conditions costs.

Rick’s commitment to communication, consistency and excellence ensures that projects are completed on time, at or under budget, and without sacrifice or compromise. These traits, along with an insistence on being available at all times and for any reason, earn Rick the respect and admiration of not only those he works with, but also the countless clients who have experienced his dedication throughout the years.

Von Schirach


From an early age, Cristina von Schirach possessed a passion for drawing and painting. This creative streak compelled her to pursue a career in architecture and design.

After receiving a degree in architecture from the University of Miami in 2007, Cristina worked at a Miami-based firm where she focused on a series of challenging residential projects. It was in this role that Cristina discovered that designing and building homes is not just about the quality of the drawings and materials, but also client communication and the relationships fostered throughout the process.

Cristina brought this approach, and has since expanded upon it, with her to Wietsma Lippolis, where she has been an integral member of the team for more than 10 years and is responsible for coordinating and executing all aspects of architectural management, from the design phase to the construction phase and beyond.



Since beginning his career in 2005, Aaron Bacon has served in a variety of roles within the construction management industry. The experience and expertise gained throughout the years has prepared Aaron for his current position as general manager of Wietsma Lippolis.

Aaron has been a member of the Wietsma Lippolis team for more than 10 years and in addition to overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations, he is heavily involved with bidding and estimating, negotiating vendor contracts, construction accounting and client relations. Having spent many years in the field as a project manager, Aaron has developed a sound and strategic understanding of construction process, enabling him to effectively communicate with all parties involved in a project.

His knowledge and skillset, paired with a positive attitude, solid virtues and dedication to providing excellent experiences for both Wietsma Lippolis associates and clients, make Aaron a tremendous resource for all who work with him and an integral part of the company’s leadership team.

Aaron received a degree in construction management from the College of Engineering and Computing at Florida International University.

Benny Nodarse


Benny Nodarse has nearly 40 years of experience in the construction industry, with expertise in both the commercial and residential sectors. His true passion, however, is building custom luxury homes.

Benny’s family has long been involved in the construction business, engraining in him a true understanding of the dedication and attention to detail needed to succeed in this industry. That includes delivering spectacular craftsmanship, on time and on budget, that clients deserve and that the Wietsma Lippolis team demand.

These traits are evident to all who work with Benny throughout the construction process, and he also takes tremendous pride in training and mentoring his team members at Wietsma Lippolis – Ocean Reef Club, ensuring the best possible results at all times.

Benny attended Miami Dade College, earning a degree in business finance.



Will Morley oversees all field operations for Wietsma Lippolis, which requires a tremendous amount of communication and engagement with all parties involved in a project including subcontractors, building officials, designers and homeowners.

Will is a licensed general contractor who also held a series of supervisory roles during a long and distinguished career within the federal government prior to joining the Wietsma Lippolis team.

William attended The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where he earned a degree in communications.



For an office to operate effectively and efficiently, a great deal of organization and coordination is required. At Wietsma Lippolis, it is Geraldine Tracy who manages the company’s administrative efforts, including facilitating building permits and paying subcontractors. She also provides much-needed support to senior management and other team members on a variety of projects.

Prior to joining Wietsma Lippolis in 2014, Geraldine spent several years working in the banking industry, and studied business administration at Universidad del Pacifico, in her native Peru.



Brandon Beadreau supports the company’s customer-service efforts, communicating with both the Wietsma Lippolis team and clients, as needed.

Brandon also serves as a captain for the Pompano Beach Fire Rescue department, and uses that expertise and experience to advise the company on safety issues and considerations throughout each project.

Brandon graduated from St. Petersburg College, located on Florida’s Gulf coast.



Britt Johnson brings a diverse background to her role as coordinator for all custom projects. She earned a degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute, which only elevated her natural ability to detect the smallest of details and understand how they can be utilized or improved to enhance the project as a whole. When designing and constructing luxury homes, it is that attention to detail and craftsmanship that separates Wietsma Lippolis from other premium builders.

Britt also has vast experience in the technology sector, allowing her to incorporate innovative tools and software programs into the company’s process, and delivering a simplified and streamlined experience for both the team and clients.

Britt’s primary responsibilities include acquiring and controlling budgets; negotiating subcontracts; and providing consistent and clear communication with clients, designers and subcontractors. This helps ensure all projects remain on schedule and within budget.



In her role as architectural project manager, Emily Firtel collaborates with clients to determine their needs and preferences, which she then shares with the design team in order to create interior and exterior elevations, schematics and other functional drawings that are needed to achieve their vision. She also works closely with the Wietsma Lippolis team, including those out in the field, to provide the support and resources needed to complete each project.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Emily studied at BHC School of Design and brings an international flair to Wietsma Lippolis. She now resides in South Florida.

Emily has held various drafting and design positions throughout her career, and her work has been featured in several publications including CE Pro Magazine and Electronic Lifestyle.



Antonio Gamiz is responsible for ensuring that all facets of design and construction projects are operating smoothly at all times. With extensive experience in the construction industry, where previously worked as a project engineer and chief of operations, Antonio has the expertise needed to deliver projects on time and at, or under, budget.

As a project manager, Antonio’s numerous responsibilities include overseeing crews and subcontractors, and drafting and processing contracts. His knowledge and positive energy make Antonio a tremendous resource for the Wietsma Lippolis team, as well as the clients he meets and works with.

Antonio attended The Metropolitan University in his native Venezuela, earning a degree in civil engineering.



Brandi Hughey is a true driving force behind the company’s vision, mission and relentless effort to provide Wietsma Lippolis clients with the exceptional homes and service they expect and deserve.

Brandi has vast experience working in the luxury-home-building industry, specializing in client services, vendor relationships and contract management, among others. This knowledge, along with a remarkable attention to detail and organizational skills, enable Brandi to efficiently and effectively coordinate several projects simultaneously without sacrificing quality or communication.

Brandi was born and raised in North Carolina, but now makes her home in South Florida.